Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 Trimester Baby #2

I feel like I haven't acted as excited for this baby as I did with Corbin. But it's not true I promise! I am just as happy and excited, but I have been trying really REALLY hard not to whine. So instead of jumping on FaceBook and writting about how I felt like I had a horrible flu for the ENTIRE month of September or how October is hardly looking better...

I'm trying to stay positive and not complain. Because I am really grateful for this baby and every sick moment, pain and restless night will be 100% worth it.

So here is a run down of whats been going on.

August I found out I was preggers.. wanted to wait to tell everyone until I was about 13 weeks or at least in my second trimester, but then when I started to get so sick all the time.. we knew I couldn't hide it forever.  So we let the cat out of the bag on our 4 yr wedding anniversary Aug 18, 2011.

Found out my 'official' 40 week due date is April 17th, but do to complications with Corbin we're probably looking at an induction date around April 10th. Which I would love because 10 is my favorite number and when I was born, Dec 10th.

Since I found out Darren and I have both been sure it's another boy. Which part of me really wants so Corbin can have a brother close in age. The other part has still always wanted a little girl my whole life...

Now here are the...

(With Corbin all of these things were the complete opposite.)
1. I have been more sick/nauseous
2. My hair is fuller/softer/stronger
3. I am showing sooner and higher
4. WAY more emotional
5. Craving desserts/treats

I will post a baby bump shot when I actually take one.. so for now here is Corbin and his new gun that he hasn't put down for 3 days now.

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