Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Am I the only one?

Here's some back ground. My husband is into fishing. Not hard core have to fish all the time in every lake and river, just 'hey I have some free time, I think I'll go fishing somewhere close to home' kinda guy. Well now that Corbin is old enough to go, and even has his own pole Darren has taken him a few times.

Now he wants me to go. SIGH... I think the best part about fishing is laying out in the warm sunshine.

My background on fishing.. the FEW times I remember going as a child, tears were involved.. usually mine. First off I went through years of being a vegitarian to prove that I was an animal lover. So when my family would fish they obviously eat it afterwards and that freaked me out. (Give me a break I was a child!) One event that stands out in my mind was watching one of my brothers and a cousin catch a fish and put in on the ground to watch it die. It sat and flopped around and they began to tell me how the fish was 'drowning' because it couldn't breath. How awful is that?

SO .... back to my question.. am I the only one that feels bad for the poor fish? Even if you do catch and release.. you hook it's mouth, pull it out where it can't breathe and then chuck it back in.

(Just to clearify this pic.. Corbin wanted to kiss the fish not bite it's head)

So.. I helped Corbin catch a fish at the Spanish Fork Resevoir. I did it for Darren and Corbin. And yes I felt bad. And NO I don't want to do it again.

It's fine if Darren and Corbin want to fish.. I'll come along and read a great book, while enjoying the sunshine.

PS. Corbin is so cute fishing. He calls the fish 'baby sharks' and cries everytime Darren throws it back. He wants to keep them.


Dani said...

This is too funny! I am deathly - seriously, SO afraid of fish. So I am happier when they are dead, lol.

Amy said...

I always feel bad for them, I give Cody lectures on it :).

The Miller Family said...

How fun!!! Julia, I feel like the worse friend ever. But life is slowing down for a sec. and I think we definetly need to get together. Let me know when it works for you guys:)