Thursday, March 24, 2011


Let me just start out by saying, don't judge me. I think I am a pretty great mom when it comes to most things, but putting up with poop and diapers is another thing. No Amy it's not another poop story.. I'd rather forget those! This is an update on our lives as of lately :)

As of this week I can officially say Corbin is potty trained and diaper free! By diaper free I mean I WILL NOT buy another pack unless I have another child. Sure I still have some that I will use when he sleeps at other peoples houses, but I don't at home anymore. I know lots of moms and other smart people out there think you have to wait until your child is 'ready' to get them started.. but let's just say I may have slightly forced the situation on Corbin. But don't worry, he is already 2 and there shouldn't be any serious emotional scaring from the whole event.

The fun side of Corbin lately... all the attitude he has when he talks! I was watching Dr. Phill the other day on how to train your child NOT to be a brat. Let's just say I took serious mental notes. He has learned the words 'shut up' not from me or Darren, but from the movie Brother Bear. Thanks Disney! :( And he uses that phrase daily. It's so funny I try not to laugh and put on my serious mom face, but how do you not laugh when a toy goes off or someone is crying and he tells them to shut up! He also has some funny phrases that he picked up during potty training. I always ask him is he needs to go potty and if he says no I ask him, "are you sure?" So now even if it's not potty related he goes "I SHORE mommy I SHORE!" ha ha it's so funny and out of context I need to get it on film.

He has quite the vocabulary and will repeat anything you ask him to say. Even encyclopedia. His favorite movie lately has been Tarzan, and he could care less about the Gorilla's or even Tarzan, he's all about Elephants! He asks, 'I wanna watch the elephant' and holds his toy elephant while he watches it. Check out this video for his elephant noise.....he was too busy playing.. but you kinda get the idea...

Other fun Corbin facts-
He sleeps with a baby doll or teddy bear every night.
Loves to wake up early and crawl into bed and cuddle his mommy
He will ask you to cuddle all the time
Could drink Chocolate milk all day long
Eats anything mom and dad eat, even salad and veggies!
Loves to watch Mickey Mouse and movies.
When asked what McQueen says he yells, "CACHOWW!!"
Still loves to carry around and sleep with soft blankies.
Everywhere I take him I get compliments on how cute and funny he is

Sure love that kiddo!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the potty training!!! We are out of diapers too! I think that is so awesome that you got him potty trained this early> I tried but gave up! Love his elaphant noise so cute!

Sherry Bobbins said...

so sweet :)