Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner in St. George

 This last weekend we all headed to St. George to have Thanksgiving Dinner with my dad, Lisa and Miriam. I'm so glad we were all able to make it, all of my brothers and sisters where there for the first time in years it felt like! The house was caotic all day with Corbin, Sawyer, Brylee, Miriam, Jordyn and Caylynn running around! But it was a lot of fun, the guys went out shooting and dirt bike riding while the ladies cooked. Like always each girl was in charge of a dessert, I made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, Lisa made pumpkin bread with walnuts and choc chips, Lori made choc donut holes with caramel inside, and since Brittney is pregnant again she felt like homemade cheese ball. I think Lisa's pumpkin bread won this year, it was so yummy! And Brittney in a catagory of her own did awesome with the homemade cheese ball.

This was the cheif Lisa- everybody agree'd she made a perfect turkey, and everything was delicious.

Jordyn was a little wore out from all they playing and eating

Bed time for Brylee and Sawyer

Chad, Ty and Josh

Ty Guy

My dad cut his finger while the guys were out.. ouch..

Britt doing what she does best.. LOL jk she's relaxing with the kiddo's

Nap time!

The kids played outside on the porch and drew all over with sidewalk chalk.

Since we were all together I wanted to get a picture with our dad! There was three camera's going at once though, so it was hard to get us all looking the same way.

This is most of us, Jordyn was still asleep but we needed a group shot!

Check out the new fireplace in the back, my dad and Lisa did that this last year and it looks so good! I love it. They had Darren make the mantel out of this really old wood and it turned out really nice.

It was a great weekend, even though we were all exhausted from lack of sleep and too much eating we had a great time. Sunday morning Darren and my dad went golfing, then on the way home we hit a blizzard! Darren told me how it was crazy golfing in the morning and then driving home in a white out a few hours later ha ha. I'm glad my dad and Lisa organize this every year so we have a chance to see them for the holiday's.

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