Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo shoot with Corbin 11/9/10

I took Corbin over to our neighborhood park even though it was cold, because he wanted to go outside so bad. So I thought why not snap some photo's while we're here? This is Corbin at 21 months old.

I love his rosey cheeks and red nose

King of the playground. Look how beautiful the mountains look behind him.

This is his 'CHEESE' face

serious face

This was fun, I felt like I hadn't taken pictures of Corbin in awhile. It was so cold outside we (me) only lasted about 40 minutes and then I was freezing and ready to go. But Corbin wasn't, he started crying saying, "outside, outside!" while I carried him back to the car. I felt bad for him... then I thought.. oh crap all winter keeping him in the house? Yeah right. I better buy him some snow pants! After changing his mind with the influence of french fries I took him to good 'ol McD's to let him play inside for a little bit while I grabbed a Redbox.

P.S. Darren and I watched Grown Ups, and Darren laughed his butt off! That is totally him in a few years ;)

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Chrissie said...

These are so cute I love his cheese face