Sunday, October 3, 2010

They say it's the story behind the family pictures that counts...

   Well this morning started off great.. I mean way to early for me. After only about 5 hours of tossing and turning all night we started off our Sunday at Don and Becky's for a little conference breakfast.
   Then since I spent all week getting Corbin and Darren ready for our family pictures, and not me, I had to run to the store to find a tank top to wear under my sweater. Who thought finding a tank top would be so difficult? After two stores and a finally finding an over priced average tank I headed home to get ready. We decided to get family pics done with all of Darren's family today and we started planning it last Sunday. Well today arrived, we head up the canyon to Jolly's Ranch where we had planned and of course after the most beautiful week in October since 1934 it's pouring rain.
   Plan B, we decided to head back to Spanish Fork to Chrissie's Grandma's Barn where it wasn't raining. But it wouldn't be a family outing without out something going wrong. We are all following each other in 4 different cars, Kyle Driving first, then Darren, Don and Chels. Next thing I know I hear tires skidding behind me, CRASH. With the fresh rain and slick roads The Camry hit my Altima. First panic thought is Corbin OK? It scared him so he cried a little but was fine in just a few mins. We all had seat belts on and the damage was just to my bumper, Don and Becky's Camry took the hit like a champ and was fine. A few of us gathered in the rain to assess the damage, just cosmetic so I wanted to go get the pictures done anyway. No sense in letting a little bump ruin our plans and make us all plan and get ready again.
   The pictures of course.. well I will be not surprised, but SHOCKED if Corbin is smiling in any of them. I have no clue what his deal was other than lately his mood is, 'be as big of a monster as I can' with him. Nothing would make this kid happy I kid you not. We pulled in all the shots, food, toys, standing, holding him, bribing him. Nothing. So we did what we could, DeLynn, Chrissie's sister, took the pictures for us and she did a great job not only putting up with Corbin, but the last minute location change, and never smiling at once family.
    All in all I'm sure some of the pictures will turn out good, DeLynn has got some photo shopping skills :)


Danielle Richardson said...

haha oh man that sounds awful! and i thought my family pictures ordeal was agonizing. :p love you

Chrissie said...

It was a crazy day it has been 8 years since the Robinsons have taken a family picture and the one day we decide to do them all this stuff happens. Oh well we made it through it!

The Miller Family said...
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