Friday, September 17, 2010

Corbin at 19 months

For those of you that don't have the joy of experiencing Corbin lately.. here is what my child is up to lately.

Funny things he says-
"Oh gosh"
"I don't know"
"I wuv you"
everything is "NOOO" or "yup"
"dain coo" (Thank you)
"Pees" (Please in a very high pitched sound)
Every time he sees a bear ie; Panda Express, he starts roaring really loud.

The cute moments-
He likes to cuddle with mom every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed.
He loves to read books, any time of the day.
He picks up his cereal, places it on his spoon and then eats it.
He tries to ride our dog Bailey like a horse.
He LOVES the movies; Cars, Spirit and Elmo.

The not so cute moments...
If you let him walk anywhere besides home be will run away from you.
He pinches
He bites
He hits
He throws tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants instantly.
He opens drawers and doors and pulls everything he can onto the floor.
While I do laundry he tries to climb in the dryer every time I open the door.
He has learned how to draw on walls.
I can't sit at the computer chair without him trying to touch the mouse or crawl on my lap.
The more tired he gets, the louder and hyper he gets.

Corbin is such a handful and every day I find myself saying, "why me?" but then he does something cute and it makes it all worth it.

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Lisa Stewart said...

Gotta luv the lil' bugger!