Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's the deal?

If you don't want to hear me whine and feel picked on. THEN STOP READING NOW. As I'm sitting here thinking about the last week I can't help but think, what did I do to deserve this? Is Murphey's Law after me? Do I have bad karma? Is God testing me? Is the universe as after Darren and I? SERIOUSLY!

Here is how my week went-
Monday night I shampoo'd all my carpet in my house. It was much needed and took me like 3 hours. (Corbin ran away from me while I changed him, steped in poop and carried it down the hall for me)

Wednesday morning I woke up went in to get Corbin and see him standing with just a shirt on peeing on his sheets. He had pooped in his diaper, taken off his pants and diaper, then stood up. Luckily I got to him before too much poop got everywhere. So I throw him in the tub wash off the rest of him and as the water is still filling up yellow water started gushing out.

Luckily Corbin was mostly washed when it started to come out, so I turned the water off and got Corbin out. (The picture came out really bright, it wasn't really nuclear glowing yellow)

Told Darren, called the city, had it looked at and the conclusion was... our soft water tank blew up. I guess there is a bladder inside the tank that holds all these little yellow balls and they are now through out my pipes in my house.

Here is the inside of one toilet.

Yay. So we had to turn off our water and flush out what we could. NO Showers, NO AC and NO drinking water for 2 days. We finally figured out a way to get hot water to parts of the house and one toilet working until Monday when the soft water people can come.

Friday I really wanted to get out of the house, so we got a sitter and went to a movie with our friends Amy and Cody. Of course I picked the ghetto theater by our house to save a couple bucks, and I picked the movie, 'The Other Guys'. Needless to say it couldn't go smoothly.. the movie sucked (sadly I know, it looked funny!) and about an hour into it the screen went black. Yep 11pm and the movie stops. We go out into the lobby to get our money back and no one was there! It took us ten minutes to find someone that worked there before the angry croud gathering in the lobby could get there money back. The best part is she couldn't even re-start the movie cause she didn't know how! And she was the only one there ha ha.

Saturday morning I finally decided to get my house cleaned up from the no dish washer or laundry for a few days. Remember those sheets of Corbin's? Sadly they were still in his laundry basket so I threw them in the washer and headed out with Darren to run some errands before his mom's suprise birhtday party that night. We were gone for about 3 hours and when we got home Darren walked down the hall into a puddle of water. The washer was STILL filling with water! It just never stopped for 3 hours!!! WHY ME? And for some reason it didn't drain. She we left, went to the party (had a good time I'll post pics later) and came home to a nightmare swamp in our house.

My laundry room is in the hall so it flooded my furnice room all the way to our bedroom down the hall.

Darren had to get a hose out and suck the water out.

Now Sunday I"m still out a washer with even more laundry than you can imagine. Note I shampoo'd carpets and 2 days later it was ruined. Great.

Can someone just blow my house up so we can start over? Seriously! I know these are the things that come with being a homeowner, but Darren and I need a break from 'unfortunate' things always happening or we're both going to lose it.

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Dani said...

This sounds awful - ! -- We saw that movie Friday night also, and hated it .. It looked so good!