Friday, August 6, 2010

Ginger's Batchlorette Party

July 31, 2010- Ginger's Batchlorette Party was in SLC at Key's on Main. Talk about a good time! The piano players are amazing and funny! They played everything from Journey to Justin Timberlake 'Bringing Sexy Back'. We all had such a good time dancing and singing along. I am totally going to go back there again. I'm sure a big part of the fun was all the cool girls that were there including Jeff's family, those girls know how to have a good time! Ha ha. All of us requested 'Love Shack' for Ginger so she had to stand up on stage while they played that song. After the song started she looked embarassed so Chels and I ran up to join her. Our table was right by the piano stage best seats in the house.

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