Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swim Suit

I REALLY want a swim suit for Mother's Day. But I have a dilema, I don't know what kind to get!!
I've always worn bikini's in the past, but since having Corbin I don't look 'top shape' let's use the phase 'as toned and smooth' as I used to. So I am faced with 3 options.

Option 1- Bikini. Scary.. do I work really hard and rock the bikini? Or is that 'trashy' to hold your one year old at the pool in a 2 piece?

Option 2- Tankini. Here is a picture of one I tried on and liked at Downeast.. just not sure if it's me yet.. Very simple and classic.. but somehow I can't find using the word 'simple' to describe anything me.

Option 3- 'Cheating one piece'- I call this cheating even though I really like this style of suits. It isn't quite a one piece, but it's not a 2 piece. It's different. LIKE ME!

So I keep going back and forth and I still don't know what to get. I want feed back, what does everyone else think? PLEASE tell me your honest opinion.. and keep in mind me and my body shape.. I'm going to be taking Corbin to the pool a lot this summer and I want to feel cute and comfortable.


Dani said...

I say if you can rock the bikini - Do it! .. If your not feeling comfortable wearing it though .. I love the vintage looking full pieces. I bought one last year for a family vacation .. Good luck! I have yet to brave the swim suit racks this year!

daddymommyandbabysteggell said...

I say my number 1 choice for your body type is definatly the Cheating one piece, I love those, but I also think it fits you so well. It is something I picture you in and compliments your figure. and my second choice is just a bikini!! You can rock it as long as you feel comfortable :)

DTanner said...

I like the downeast one... or maybe go for a tankini. Then you feel a little more covered but still get a nice tan tummy. And you won't have other mom's giving you the evil eye. LOL!