Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funeral and 2 funny topics..

Friday April 16th, my sister, Brylee and I went to WY for Brandy's funeral. It was a beautiful service, her uncle was the main speaker and he did a great job talking about Brandy's wonderful life. My Aunt Sami had asked a few of us girls to sing a few songs during the service, I was so nervous! When we got up there I somehow ended up right by the mic and a few of the strong singers started crying during the sond, so I had to take it up a notch. I hope I sounded OK.. But I'm glad I was invited to sing. After listening to the speakers I realized Brandy truely was an amazing person, I knew she was an awesome person, but I had no idea how selfless she really was. She didn't care about materialistic things, she only wanted her family close to her and a horse. How many of us are really content with that kind of a lifestyle? I mean she genuinly did not care about nice clothes, fancy cars, money or worldly things. She just wanted to have a family of her own and help everyone she could. I really admire her for this! Hopefully I will be remembered for things other than good hair or fashion sense. Love you Brandy!


Two other things have been on my mind, but I have been so busy lately! Every morning on my way to work I listed to this morning talk show here in Utah and they are hillarious, they always have fun topics and I swear in some way happen in my life.

Topic #1- Foul balls. They asked if anyone had been hurt while at a sporting event; ie foul ball, hocky puck etc.. This reminded me of the time I was in High School and my Drill Team went to Florida for a competition and while there we went to a Spring Training game for the Dodgers and the Braves. We sat on the lawn and during the game a foul came flying at my head! I jumped into my friend Katee's lap and my mom help her hand up out of instinct to protect me and it drilled her thumb! It jammed it pretty good and it was really sore and swollen. Love you mommy!

Topic #2-Family kissing on the lips. They asked if anyone in your family kisses you or others on the lips. (not spouses). How ironic this was the Monday I got back from WY. My cute aunt Sami kisses EVERYONE on the lips. She is the only one in my family that does, but it's not a big wet kiss, it's just a tiny peck on the lips. It doesn't really bother me, but apparently everyone on the radio thinks that family should not kiss family on the lips ever. I kiss Corbin on the lips everyday and I plan to until he tells me no :)


Amy said...

First of all- I didn't know you sang! Did you take lessons?
Second of all- me too, high school football game, walking behind the bleachers... and I got NAILED in the back of the head with a football. It was really really funny. Third, my parents try to do the kiss thing, and it totally grosses me out, haha. I always do the head turn ;).

Julia & Darren said...

Nope no lessons here. Just going to choir for years with my Grandma, yet I have NO hymns memorized LOL.

Ha ha I love 97.1 they always have the funniest topics!

The Miller Family said...

Haha, I heard that too on the radio the other day. Jay said, "Thats going to be our boys calling in to complain about you!" I love to kiss my boys on the lips:) Warren totally goes for the lips, its so cute! Lets get together soon. Let me know when is a good time you for you guys:)