Thursday, February 11, 2010

yummy yummy in my tummy!

So I was home sick today from work (so tired and achey with a sore throat I stayed in bed until 11am when Corbin woke up from his nap) and I got to enjoy some much needed couch-daytime-tv-time. After watching a little bit of Racheal Ray and the delicious stuffed chicken she made I thought to myself I want a nice meal tonight. So I thawed out the chicken and when to work. I made my own home-made bread crums, stuffed chicken and made dinner. It turned out AMAZING! So good and easy I wanted to share with all of you, and YES you DO need to try it.

Sorry I took the picture after we ate it all, so this is all that was left.
How I made it-
*Thawed small chicken breast, pounded them flat with a rolling pin, cut open and stuffed with sliced cheese.
*Made home made bread crumbs-crumbled bread, crumbled saltine crakers and sprinkled ranch mix packet-toasted in the toaster oven and let sit out.
*To bread the stuffed ckn I cover in the following order. 1. bread crum mix 2. flour 3. egg then repeat 1 & end with 2.
*Cook in medium in a skillet with 1/2 inch virgin olive oil until ckn is cooked.
EASY AND DELICIOUS!! I served with package ckn rice and canned grean beans and it was amazingly easy to cook and clean up.
For Dessert I made Chocolate Chunk Blondies! (Betty Crocker)
1 Box Betty Crocker Supermoist French or Golden vanilla cake mix
1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
2 eggs
1 cup semisweet chocolate chuncks (I use milk choc chips)
1/3 cup Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy chocolate frosting
1. Heat oven to 350, grease bottom of pan. In bowl mix cake mix, butter and eggs with spoon. Stir in chocolate.
2.Bake 18-22 mins or until edges are golden brown. Cool completely about an hour
3. Microwave frosting (with lid off and opened) on high for 35-34 seconds or until melted, stir and drizzle over bars. Let stand, cut up and enjoy! Store at room temp.



Christy Beal said...

I would like to hire you as my personal chef. Please come move in :) But also, I need a nanny and poo cleaner-upper as well.

Amy and Cody said...

I for sure heart Rachel Ray- check out Giada de Laurentiis though, she's my alltime fave. You food looks seriously tasty, yum!