Monday, February 8, 2010

My home away from home.. my office.

This is the small space I've made my own and work mon-fri 8am-5pm. My office is small, but I love it. It's cozy, I decorated it myself, I picked out my desk, and I'm comfortable in it. Fun facts about my office I'd like you to know and me to remember with a smile one day.

*I didn't clean it just for a picture, this is usually what my desk looks like.

*Yes you are seeing correctly, there is a lot of Marilyn Monroe. I do like her, but all of these have been gifts. People see that I have Marilyn stuff so they buy me more. I don't mind at all though.

*I keep my recyle bin over my heat vent year round, it keeps the heat out in the winter and the AC out in the summer. My little office doesn't get much circulation, so it's always too hot or too cold. I use my personal space heater more in the summer than the winter.

*There is a box under my desk that I put my feet on. I'm short and it's more comfortable then letting them dangle when I sit back in my chair.

*I keep my Mtn. Dew mug and a cup of water at all times. I usually start the day with a Dr. Pepper and then drink ooddles of water throughout the day.

*My window does not open and it leads out to an engine shop on the first floor and I am on the second floor, so I see nothing accepts random pens or tape rolls the guys throw up to scare me.



Amy and Cody said...

LOL, I do the phone book under the desk, it's always sliding around though, I think I'll upgrade to a box :).

The Miller Family said...

Julia! Sorry, I've been an awful friend. I'm terrible at checking my blog and posting on my blog which I'm sure you are aware of:) Hopefully we can get together soon! I think we are going to bless Knox the beginning of April so hopefully you guys can come to that. I'll let ya know a for sure date when its closer. Anyway, your little boy is adorable just like his mama! Hope everything is going well! XOXO