Monday, February 22, 2010

A tragedy and a miracle

Last Friday 2/19/2010 I received a phone call at work that unfolded an awful series of events. I'll start from the begining.

Even night I let our two outside dogs into the garage to sleep on their bed and stay warm, then when Darren or I leave to work we put them outside. But this Friday morning when I went out into the garage to leave there where no dogs, so I assumed Darren put them out back and I left to work.

I get a phone call from Darren, missed it, so I called him right back and he told me to hang on, I could hear him talking to two men about our dogs. He got on the line and told me Bailey had been shot! It was random, Darren came home to get a sleeping bag for Brooks, and there was a cop, our neighbor and Bailey on our front porch when he got there. Bailey was shot, then walked home! The police received a call so he found her walking down the road and followed her home. Darren said he was taking her to the vet right away, but there was no Roscoe, he hadn't come home yet. I left work in tears and met Darren at the Vet, they said Bailey was stable and they would call us when we could come back and see her. So we went out looking for Roscoe, the police told us that someone called in a dog crossing the HWY by our house. We drove up and down the highway looking for him, knocking on doors to see if anyone say or heard anything. But nothing. About an hour later we where able to go pick Bailey up, she was shot by a 22 and it went in and out of her just below her spine and missed everything including her ribs! She is so lucky it only hit muscle and she is doing great. But sadly still no Roscoe. We're thinking who ever shot Bailey shot Roscoe too, but he wasn't strong enough to make it home.

We think that in between one of us going to work the dogs snuck out of the garage to go run around town, it was a complete accident and shame on us for letting our dogs get out. But you should NEVER shoot an innocent, harmless dog like ours. They are NOT mean and they would never hurt anything. Why couldn't they have just checked their tags and called us? Or call animal contro? Why did they think it was OK to shoot a dog?? I wish we could find Roscoe and find out who did if for some closure, but sadly I don't think we'll ever find who did it. We are just thankfull Bailey is ok, and she's now our inside cuddle bug dog. She is the sweetest thing, she just follows us around and lays by our feet.

This is Roscoe on the right and Bailey on the left. Who would shoot this cute little dog?

In memory of Roscoe


Anonymous said...

that makes me so angry! I can't believe there are people out there like that. I am so sorry for the loss of your family memeber! I hope you can find out who did it and put them in jail!

Dani said...

I was working when we got the first call from the person who found Bailey .. I didn't know it was your dog until I saw your FB status :) .. I'll keep hoping Roscoe comes home.

Julia & Darren said...

Really Dani?! That is crazy, yeah the cop took us to the area that she was called in from, but it was right by my house, she was walking home. She layed on my porch and bled until Darren got there and took her to the vet.

Amy and Cody said...

So sad, I hope you find him! I can't imagine someone doing something so cruel. You should put up lost posters in case anyone saw anything.

Christy Beal said...

That is the craziest thing ever - I had no idea people were so white trash and would open fire on a PET. They could clearly see she had on a collar with tags. That is so obnoxious to me it makes me furious. And I hope roscoe comes home soon :) And that you get your hands on whoever did this. So lame.

Austin and Carly said...

Julia, this breaks my heart. I am so sorry. What goes around, comes around. Whoever did this to your dogs will get what they deserve.