Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Corbin McCoy!

Our little boy is now one year old, riding in a big boy car seat and no more bottles! Time has flown by and he's getting so big and so smart. We threw him a little birthday celebration at our house, he had a blast opening presents and eating his very own cake!

Corbin at age 1
*He is almost walking all the time. If we stand him up he can walk pretty far with out falling.
*Loves getting into trouble by sneaking over to the dog kenal's.
*Say's "da-da" to everything. Among other baby talk.
*He has developed quite the little temper, and acts like the hulk. (you don't want to make him angry! ha ha)
*When he is getting into something he is not supposed to and gets caught he laughs and gets excited to be in trouble. (oh no we're in serious trouble..)
*He loves Bailey. I think she is his new best friend.
*LOVES to read books with mommy at night.
*Insists on feeding himself most of the time now.
*He likes ducks.
*He has 12 teeth, and if you put your finger in his mouth to check he'll bite you.
*He loves to bite Mommy. Only Mommy. All the time. Bites her on the shoulder, belly, hand.. pretty much whatever he can! Little stinker. I fall for it everytime. I think he just wants to cuddle and put his head on my shoulder.. nope he just wants to bite!
*When he is done in the bath he pulls the plug in the tub.
*He cries when I drop him off with family to leave to work. (Breaks my heart!)
We love him so much, and he is so much fun to have in our lives!
Happy Birthday Corbin we love you!!

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jayna said...

What a cute little boy- happy day to you all!