Monday, February 15, 2010

Is the world coming to an end?

So Saturday night Darren and I are at home watching a scary 'carriers' movie late at night. After the movie we where talking and is it just me of does there seem to be a theme to all the new horror movies? 'Everyone gets some weird disease and dies' A few people might make it or last longer than others, but they all seem to have the same distructive feel.

'carriers'- disease outbreak, everyone turns on each other and death.

'The Fog" creepy 'humans' turning evil and death.

'Quarantine'- disease outbreak, scary people and death.

'I am Legend'- Virus spreads, turns people evil, and death.

I could go on... but I rest my case.

Watching all these movies makes me want to go out and stock up on face masks, guns, ammo, food and water. No body and no virus is taking my family down!

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Amy and Cody said...

Lol, this is funny, I think @ crazy stuff like this all the time!