Tuesday, February 16, 2010

funny story

So last night Darren took me out to see the movie 'Valentine's Day' it was funny! But that wasn't the funniest part of the evening for me.. after the movie I went to the bathroom. I walked in and went to the first stall-gross, so I opened the second stall-even grosser, the third stall contained a little asian woman helping her little boy pee (with the door open and as I'm walking by her I notice she is actually 'helping' him hold himself..), fourth- stall out of order, the last stall was the big handicap one and it to was covered in toilet paper. I'm really grossed out by bathrooms so if I have to 'clean' the toilet area in anyway I won't use it. So I turned around to leave, and on my way out I walked past the Asian lady again and she turned, looked and me and SCREAMED! It scared her and the poor little boy so much he fell in!!
It was so funny! I ran out laughing instead of offering to help, because it honestly scared me a little too! How did she not hear me walk by her the first time and open EVERY single stall around her?
ha ha ha ha
poor kid.

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Amy and Cody said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, LOL, that is so sad and hilarious at the same time. Oh man, best laugh I've had all week. SAD!