Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rock Canyon

10/3/09- We took Corbin up Rock Canyon for his first trail ride, and he loved it! Corbin did so good sitting on mommy and daddy's lap the whole way up. Then we stopped at a camp ground had a snack and headed back. Don and Darren rigged up a Carhart coat for Corbin to snuggle in for the way down and he fell asleep in Darren's arms! It was so cute just his head and his little pink Binky sticking out. (I'll explain the pink Binky at the end..) The ride was so beautiful and it was perfect weather at about 63 degrees. The sun was out the way up so we took our coats off, but on the way back down the sun went behind the clouds and it cooled down. It was about 2 hours total and a nice easy ride for the horses and Corbin. It was funny usually when hikers and people see us on the trail they say things like 'oh, look at the horsies' or 'can I pet your horse?' this time everyone kept commenting on Corbin and saying 'look at that little cowboy' and 'what a cute baby'!

Pink Binky- In Corbin's defense he didn't chose to have a pink one. Technically. But he will only take one kind of Binky, this special Gerber one. And the ONLY place I can find that sells it is Target and it comes in a 2 pack with a light green and a pink one. A weird combination if you ask me, but the only time we give him a Binky is to fall asleep if he gets fussy. He doesn't always use it, it's more of an 'easy' way out to putting him to sleep. We keep losing Binky's so until I get him to stop using it, or magically find them in a different color, he's stuck with a pink one.

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