Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Corbin's first Jazz Game

10/1/09- Jazz vs. Nuggets

We took Corbin to his first Jazz game. It was a pre-season game against the Denver Nuggets and the Jazz won! Corbin did so good, he loved to watch everything going on. He had the entire crowd around us in love with him, everyone kept talking to him and he'd give everyone big smiles and laugh. He did great until it was bed time, the game had about 3 mins left and he started to get tired so we headed home and he went right to sleep in the car. He is such an easy baby to take places. Other than he's getting incredibly heavy... hopefully he'll start walking soon so our arms can take a break sometimes. In the picture of Corbin and Darren I think Corbin looks just like one of the 'Precious Moments' babies.

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