Thursday, September 10, 2009

A true story

Lately my dog Sweetie has been having a hard time getting out of her kennel to go outside to go potty, so I've just been putting her kennel outside so she will get out and go potty. Well on Sunday I called for her to come out and go outside but she wouldn't come out. Well being irritated I thought I'm going to drag her out. So I opened the sliding glass door and pulled her blanket out of her kennel so it would force her out. As I did this she gave in and went outside. Suddenly a GIANT brown spider came running out of the blanket! I freaked out, when I say Giant I mean it was literally the biggest spider I have seen alive in person. It was on my kitchen floor so I screamed for Darren and Brooks to come in and kill it. After using it's spidy sense to dodge the shoe three times Brooks was finally successful in squishing it. Just when I thought it was all over Darren made the comment, "what are those, baby ants?" I had dejavu of a story someone at work had told me about baby spiders riding on the moms back. "They're babies!" I started screaming as I ran for the can of Raid (I always keep handy) and threw it to Darren. He sprayed them all and the aftermath was disturbing. I can't believe how many hundreds of babies this thing had on its back.

In the end I am so thankful Sweetie was lazy and made me drag her out of the kennel. Can you imagine how many giant brown spiders would have been living in my house?

I would have no choice but to move if that ever happened.
(No pictures because I'd like to forget how big it was so I can sleep at night.)


daddymommyandbabysteggell said...

poor thing!!! believe it or not, that exact same thing happened to John and I when we lived in Spanish too. Maybe they only happen in Spanish Fork, CRAZY!! But I will admit I freaked out too and it made me hate spiders even worse! I hope you got rid of them for your sake:) sorry I missed the Bridal Shower with all the family craziness, but I have a gift for Brit!

The Taylor's said...

that made me want to gag just reading it! I would FREAK out!