Monday, September 14, 2009

Horse Competition 2009 (Ouch..)

(This me on Omar during a team event)

Well it's the end to another horse competition season. Darren and I didn't do as much this year since we have Corbin now, but we still made it to all the competitions. District and Region where fun Darren got his first 'catch' in calf roping and we did ribbon pull together and actually got the ribbon both times! A girl Maria in our horse club wasn't so fortunate she was hurt while racing on the flat track, he horse went down and she was probably going 40 mph. After a hospital visit and a few weeks of rest she's doing good now. 9/11/09 happened to be our state competition this year and about a half hour after arriving Darren and I went into the warm up arena on the horses and after about 5 mins of riding Omar (my horse formally known as Oro) decided to throw me off. One minute I'm on his back walking in a figure 8, the next thing I know I'm on the ground rolling to my stomach to breath! For whatever reason he decided to jump and I went over the front of him doing a half front flip landing flat on my back. It knocked the wind out of me and of course Darren wasn't watching. The guys that came over to help me said I hit pretty hard and if I could walk away from that with out bawling I should look into Bronc riding. Ha ha. Yeah right. After a few mins my back tightened up.. and lets just say a miserable few days later I went to the chiropractor today and my hip was out of place, I had wip lash and my back is tore up.

Good thing I'm still young. And stupid enough to keep riding.

This is Darren and I on ribbon pull at District

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