Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer time

Fourth of July 2009! Don and I rode in the Provo parade and Brooks was the pooper scooper. Then all of us headed next door for a BBQ with some friends. That night we did fireworks and Corbin loved to watch them. I don't think he blinked or made a peep until they were over, he was mesmerized!

Friday July 3rd we had the day off so we took Corbin to the pool for the first time with our friends Bill, Rachael and their kids. Corbin was sleepy so he had fun but didn't last very long in the pool.

Rodeo time! We went to the Nephi rodeo with Kevin, Brightly, Bill, Rachael, Liam, Sarah, Susie, Josh, Casarah, Brooks and Don. It was a nice night and we all had fun other than Kevin got a hot piece of ash in his eye from the fireworks.

Liam riding Quest out in the parking lot before the rodeo, he is such a fun little boy.

This is Sarah Bean on Quest with Darren, she loves Darren.

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Dallas and Brittney said...

how fun! i wish i could find a rodeo around here.