Sunday, July 19, 2009

The nest part 2

Remember that birds nest Darren took down? Well a few days later they built it back bigger and stronger! We decieded to leave it up since they probably built it back up to lay eggs soon. Sure enough there were a couple baby birds spotted in the nest not too long after that.

One day while I was out moving the sprinkler to the back yard I saw the dogs playing with something on the ground. I walked over and realized it was a baby bird! I put the dogs in the garage and caught the baby bird (with gloves on of course). But while I was trying to catch the baby the parents were trying to attack me! They were flying around screaming and going crazy, I thought they were going to peck at me so I put on a winter coat with the hood on. Finally I catch the baby and it was OK the dogs just got it's wings wet so it couldn't fly. As I climbed on the chair to put it back in the nest all of the other babies jumped out of the nest! One of the babies cleared the fence but the other 2 landed on the grass and started running around.

So I caught the two and got them back in the nest, didn't worry about the one that cleared the fence and let the dogs back in the yard. I was on the phone with Darren and he told me to leave them alone and let nature take it's course, but I just couldn't watch the dogs eat them it would break my heart.

I had to leave after that and meet Becky and Chrissy for dinner, what an adventure! But the sad part is the next day we found 2 dead birds on the lawn, it looks like they didn't clear the fence and became chew toys. So now there are 3 birds, the mom, dad and baby that swoop around our porch driving Darren crazy while he's trying to BBQ. I think next year we need to relocate their nest.

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