Monday, July 6, 2009

Jordyn's first birthday!

June 19th 2009 Jordyn turned one year old! Chris and Brittia threw her a pool party June 28th for everyone to go celebrate it with her. She is such a cute little girl, I wish we got to see her more. We all played in the pool it was Corbin's first time being in a pool but he wasn't as excited as I thought he'd be. I think it was because he was tired and ready to nap. He was just chillin looking around. Then we watched Jordyn open her presents, she got some really cool toys and then we had brownie cake to end the day.


Dallas and Brittney said...

Oh how fun I wish We were there for all of that!! Happy Birthday jordyn. I'm sad that noone will be her for sawyer's b-day.

Dallas and Brittney said...

I can't believe how big corbin is getting. so michelle took pres to the doctor and she only wieghs 17 pounds!