Monday, April 6, 2009

Darren's going to kill me, but I can't help it!

This morning was an interesting morning at our house, I slept in, Corbin is getting a cold and was having a major tummy ache this morning, and Darren wasn't feeling good either. Since Darren was staying home sick, and I was only working a half day I left Corbin home with Darren. Off to a good start just daddy and baby, Darren gave him a bath while I got ready for work and had him nice and happy. While I'm at work Darren sends me a picture message of him with toilet paper up his nose, at first I thought maybe he just got a bloody nose, but after seeing the next picture message of Corbin in a new outfit I knew what had happened. Corbin must have pooped and daddy doesn't do well with the smell!

Let me pause and just say Darren does great helping out with Corbin, he gets up at night when I need him, he makes bottles, he changes lots of *wet* diapers and loves to give him baths.

Back to the story- So Darren ends up calling me to tell me about this blow out experience. As he's telling me the story I can't help but laugh because this is how he describes it to me, 'I went in to change him and his diaper was FULL, so I start to wipe him and he starts to poop more! It was like caramel colored and coming out like that creamy ice cream you get at the store (soft serve) so I started gaggin and put toilet paper up my nose for the smell. Then I got a new diaper under him and he kept pooping! It was everywhere, me, himself and the changing pad. Then I get the poop under control and he pee's everywhere all over himself and me. It was an adventure'.

I love these memories even if they do smell and create lots of laundry for me.


Nick and Tiffany said...

Ha ha ha, oh the joys of having a little boy!! Good job though Daddy :)

John and Chanda said...

Seriously!!! I loved this story, now I know it doesn't happen to just us. . . the same thing practically happend to us to, (well john) lol but it is so funny when you hear them tell you the story!!! I hope everybody gets feeling better.

Christy Beal said...

That soft serve description was spot on! ahh the daddy rights of funny!