Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo Post

Jordyn and Brittia came over to our house last Sunday, she loves playing with Grama.

Big drools and smiles

36 weeks pregnant chillin at home with Darren and the family watching football

Cute little Sawyer testing out no-name baby's new swing.

TA-DAAA!! the Nursery is finally done :) Darren finished all the chair rail and molding this weekend, it turned out so beautiful!

I still have a few things to hang up, but I can't decide where to put them, so there's a blank wall still...

We did a small rope along the ceiling and it ends with a cute lasso above the crib. Thanks to Deana for the idea!

37 weeks... can I look any bigger!? WOW, seeing pictures like this make me realize why everyone stares at me everywhere I go.

P.S. the false labor and contractions are still coming and going, I feel as uncomfortable as I look, but I'm so excited for him to get here!!!!!


The Miller Family said...

You are almost there!!!! These are fun times. As dumb as it sounds, you'll miss it. We are so excited for you!

daddymommyandbabysteggell said...

First of all your nursery looks so adorable, you did such a great job. I love it, and I have to say, I can tell that you are ready for all of this to be over, but just hang in there, I hope something happens soon for you!! Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Anonymous said...

your nursery is so dang cute!

glory said...

Wow Julia & Darren! I'm so excited for you! The nursery is so cute - what a lucky baby!

DTanner said...

Go Jewels! Maybe you'll have a Valentine baby. Good luck!