Friday, January 16, 2009

Babies R Us 2 day sale

Here is my contribution to the moms that are always hooking me up with great deals! Buy pampers and get a $15 gift card to Babies R Us.


The Crew said...

That's a good deal, Thanks! You are such a cute prego lady :) Darren did a great job on the crib, you house is looking great.
Only 30 more days, it will be here before you know it! Can't wait to meet the little bugger!!!!!!

Kallie + Curtis said...

thanks for the tip! YOu know Im going to have to steal this for the coupon blog right??? welcome to the mama madness!!!

The Beals said...

Um, that last comment was from me - sorry!
Just wanted you to know you dont have to show any sort of proof that you bought stuff. Just sign the paper and youre good. I know WE ALL at some point have bought either perfume, makeup, or face care products from there in the last 14 years!

ps - you know you can hit dillards, nordstrom, macys, and all the other utah stores (i dont know what they are, check on the krazycouponlady blog for a link to a website where they are listed!) And make darren go with you so you get 2 from each store!!! Hurry too - utah will go out fast

The Beals said...
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