Tuesday, December 30, 2008

33 Weeks

Today was my 33 week appointment. The day started off a lot better than yesturday.. lets just say yesturday was the worst day so far. I was exhausted from no sleep, my ribs hurt so bad I could barely breath, he's dropped even lover and the extra pressure on my bladder is not comfortable, not to mention I was so emotional I was in tears on my way home from work. Darren did a good job of cheering me up, he listened to me whine and didn't say a word, then we suggested we play SORRY our new board game together. I took a Unisome so I could get more then an hour of sleep, and today I felt rested and much better. Before my appointment I was talking to a lady at work about how I've been so lucky at my appointments in never having the doctor suddenly have to leave and deliver another baby. There are usually a couple doctors on call, and a few in the office as well. But my luck after I signed in today I overheard them say both of the doctors were leaving to the hospital, so I'd have to wait. Looks like that's what I get for talking up the office the week after Christmas and the day before New Years Eve, who said Doctors could take vacation anyway? Only kidding I totally understand, I didn't have to wait very long, and one of them was back. I met this doctor for the first time but he was very nice, and was even paged again while seeing me! They must be busy at the AF hospital today. I measured right on the money 33 inches this week, but the scale is another story.. I had this perfect image of how much weight I would allow myself to gain.. well I still have 7 weeks left and lets just say I'm already 2 lbs over. I don't know how you women get pregnant back to back for years at a time. There will definately be a break between the next pregnancy, this whole creating life is hard work.

On the bright side Darren and I started building our little guys crib! Darren has had it on paper and had an idea of what he wanted to do for awhile now, but with Christmas being his busiest time of the year there was no time to start it. I actually helped him, I was his little assistant and even did a lot of the sanding. I started a documentary of our process so maybe we can watch it with our little guy one day. Speaking of our little boy, some of our family went above and beyond and gave our little 'no named baby' presents and he's not even here yet! Thank you Dad, Lisa, Kyle, Chrissy that was really sweet! Another funny story, we went threw our closets when we moved and gave a bunch of our old jeans to Lisa in our horse club. Then a few days before Christmas she dropped a gift off to my in-laws house, on Christmas day we had Becky (my mother-in-law) open it, even though Brooks kept saying it was for Baby Robinson, everyone just assumed he read it wrong. Well it turned out to be a quilt with the jeans Darren and I gave her, and cowboy pattern on the other side. It seemed a little small, and strange Lisa would make Becky a blanket let alone cowboy print, she's not into all the horse stuff. But no one said anything. I remember thinking, huh that would be nice to have a blanket with our old jeans maybe I'll make one. Low and behold Lisa called Darren and asked him if he like the blanket, after the laughter we realized the blanket was for BABY Robinson not Becky. Ha ha ha.


Crandall Family said...

I love this blog entry! It's so cute! The blanket sounds adorable and I can't wait to see the crib! And I'm sad I missed Christmas Bingo at mom's :( and didn't get to see everybody but it looks like you all had a great time :)

The Crew said...

Hang in their sweetie! I totally know how you feel! My first prego w/ Coli wasn't bad but the twins, holy crap kill me!!! It makes me want to vomit just thinking about it!!!!! I would definatley wait to have a 2nd. It just does crappy things to your body when you go back to back. You will be back in your jeans in no time, thats how it goes w/ the first! Can't say the same with the 2nd though!!!! Good luck sista, your looking great:)