Monday, September 15, 2008

What a wonderful Sunday!

9/14/08- The morning started off a little rough due to my uncomfortable night trying to sleep. Not only does this little boy in my belly make me pee twice a night, but now he (well I guess my body is just as guilty) thinks it needs to eat before 5 am. No matter what time I eat at night before I go to bed I've been waking up to a growling tummy! And what sounds good at 4:40am? Nothing I'd know :)

But then later I picked up Brittney and Sawyer and we headed out to Presley's baby blessing. Brylee had to stay home sick with Dallas, but it I was so glad to go and see Michelle and Joe's beautiful little family!

After the blessing Darren and I invited Michelle, her husband Joe, and their 3 girls over to ride horses with Brittney. They all came over and we had a great time! Harley is Michelle's oldest and she is a little cowgirl already. This was her second time coming over to ride and she loves it. Alaysha the cute little blond with her dad Joe was a little sceptical, but I think she had fun. Brylee likes to sit up there by herself and pose for the camera. Notice Brylee's cute little cowboy boots, they were Dallas' when he was little.

Alaysha and Brylee are almost the same size they're so cute! And I love the topless pic of Brylee, she still felt a little sick and was being grumpy

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