Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pregnancy moments

Well I haven't said anything about my pregnancy on here for awhile so this must be a good sign. Nothing to complain about really.. but talk about yes. I've felt my little guy move for the first time about 2 weeks ago, it seemed really early but I continue to have moments where I feel him. I'm still confused about the whole 'how far along are you' so if asked I usually answer around 17 weeks or 4 months. I'm almost half way!

I'm so excited to be a mother, for so long I've looked and Brittney and Brylee and been so jealous now with Sawyer the jealousy continues. They are such beautiful fun little creatures I love being around them and 'practacing' my mom skills. I don't think Britt minds me horning in on her kids too much because she still lets me see them whenever I can. Not to mention adorable little Jordyn! I wish I could see her more, but I'm sure we'll still be close and I'll be her favorite Aunt too one day ;) All this baby news and now with Lisa being pregnant right along with me it just feels like perfect timeing! All of our kids are going to be so blessed to have cousins (& and an aunt or uncle) all around their age to play with and grow close with. I loved growing up with brothers and my sister and I hope my little guy is lucky enough to enjoy the same plus some great cousins.

I've been really poking out lately it seems like this weekend I EXPLODED and grew three inches over night! Ha ha everyone is pointing out how big my belly is getting and how I finally look pregnant no questions asked. It is such a wonderful feeling. I love catching strangers checking out my bump I feel like this amazing indivudual.

The whole eating thing has gotten a LOT easier for me. I think this is why I got so big so fast. I can eat almost anything now and not get sick. It may not sound the best at first, but I can still eat and actually enjoy food again! But the back pain has started, I've always had a crappy lower back due to an idiotic snowboarding accident involving a tree.. followed by years of too much dancing. It's finally cought up to me, my back has moments and even days like to today where sitting at my desk is almost unbearable, I have to change how I sit constantly and walk around the office to stretch. But last night at Darren and I's softball I still managed to take care of right field and get a double! Running to second base holding my belly was hillarious for everyone I'm sure but so weird for me. But I have to admit thats all of my base running I have someone else run for me. I don't want to risk falling or getting hit by the ball.

SO.. all in all I'm having a wonderful pregnancy and my wonderful husband is doing a great job of putting up with me, and taking care of my weird needs.


Crandall Family said...

You are going to be a great mom! I'm glad you're past that morning sickness stage. It's always good to see that one go :)

Nick & Tiffany said...

That's so cute, thanks for sharing all your feelings. I remember playing while I was prego (I was only 3 months) but I got in trouble for sliding, lol. I don't think Nick will ever let me play prego again. BTW...we've moved in with Nick's parents and I have a little pile of baby boy clothes that you are more than welcome to have. Just let me know when you can come over, or I could even bring them to you.

Brandon and Jennifer said...

Julia! Your baby bump is so cute! That almost makes me baby hungry... almost. ; ) Glad to see you're doing well!