Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More pictures

I've been needing to post these pictures for awhile, but I left my camera at my moms house all week. So here they are! Brylee helping Bob hold Sawyer
Britt holding Sawyer & Susie holding Jordyn 8/6/08

Sawyer! The lil cutie is getting so big

Jordyn and Julia 8/6/08

Brittia and Jordyn were in town from St. George for the weekend, but unfortunatly I could only stop by to see them because of a horse competition Darren and I had that weekend. Jordyn is such a little sweetheart I wish I could see her and Brit more. Hopefully Darren and I will be able to make a trip down there to see them soon!

Well here are some fun pics Darren and I took months ago, but I just never got around to posting them. You can really see our true personalities coming out in these :)

**Preggo Update**

Well I'm officially in my second trimester! (I think) I lost track of days but according to my due date we're in month three, and in the 14th week. I'm so happy everything is still going ok with me and the baby. I feel so much better these days words can't describe! The doc said in my second trimester I'd start to feel better and I honestly have. Not as many crazy mood swings, I can finally eat almost anything, and the dizziness isn't as rough anymore. I'm finally starting to look pregnant, but you have to wait until Aug 26 (my next appointment) for me to take a pic. My doctor is going to do an ultra sound so if all goes well we'll know what we're having that day too!


Gabe & Christy said...

cute cute pictures! And it looks like you are living in baby-land! (the happiest place on earth!) I cant WAIT to see what you are having!!! The next ultrasound will totally freak you out - in a good way! You can totally see your babys personality. It will suck on fingers and toes, yawn, sneeze - so fun!

make sure to record it if you can! And post some clips for us!!!

Crandall Family said...

I love the pictures of Jordan & Sawyer! I bet your mom (and everyone else) is in baby heaven with all the cute babies! I am so excited for you guys and your little expected one. You don't want to wait to find out? It is such a fun surprise if you can do it! We kept wanting Christy to find out but in the end it was so exciting!!!