Monday, June 9, 2008

Wanna Puppy?....

This is me on the couch will Sweetie (who is now fully recovered), Roscoe on the right (Darren's dog), and in the middle "Babs " :) It is Darren's cousin Ginger's puppy but she can't keep her so we're trying to find a home for her and Darren and I are her foster home until then.

She is a 5 month pure bred mini doxson puppy. She is so playful and cute! She's kenal trained, potty trained, plays very good with eveyone, kids, and other dogs. She does really good in the car and has a way cute personallity. I've only had her for 2 days and I'm already going to miss her! If I could keep her I totally would, but I'm not really allowed dogs where I live and we already have sweetie ha ha. Ginger bought her for $800 but is willing to sell her for a lot less so she can go to a good Home.

Let me know if anyone wants a puppy!!

This is Darren and I 6/8/08 after church, he looks so cute all dressed up, I needed a pic!

Brooks before his Bday dinner! He just turned 12.

On another note, this last Saturday 6/7/08 I ran a 5K in Salt Lake for the John D. Hawkes Memorial Walk/Run and even though it was cold, rainy, uphill, and I went all by my lonesome I'm glad I did it! It was to raise money to find a cure for Parkins Disease.

Plus Arnold and Sue were in town from Idaho so it was good seeing them too :)

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Dani Andreasen said...

Let's do a BBQ -- Serious. Maybe next week or the following. We'll have to get some people together ... What night's work best for you guys?