Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poor thing!

Well the weekend was off to a great start, we played softball, went country dancing, and even bought the whole Rock Band set up for the Xbox 360! One of the best weekends I'd say we've had in awhile.

Then Sunday morning we pick up Sweetie (my little Toy Fox Terrior) from my in-laws. Brooks (Darren's little brother) watched her for us Saturday night so we could go to Bountiful to stay at Bob's with my mom. Darren puts her in my car and then says, "There's something wrong with your dogs eye.." I look into the back seat to check it out, and to my shock her entire left eye is swollen double the size of her right eye! Ouch!! And it looked like she had "goopies" in her eye, so our first thought was she probably got something in it.

Picture stage 1:

By Sunday night it had swollen more, the "Stye" lookin thing I thought was "goopies" (I tried to clean her eye and discovered I couldn't.. gross) was taking up half her eye. This is no longer a "wait and see if it gets better case" its a full blown call the vet and admit her!

Stage 2:Monday I take her to work with me in her little crate so I can take her to the vet first thing. But the vet couldn't see her until 5:30pm. But throughout the day her eye got worse by the hour, eventually it started bleeding and thats when I freaked! I was bawling trying to talk the animal hospital into letting me take her in early, I called my mom, Darren, my mother in law, my sister anyone who'd listen!

Picture stage 3:

Stage 4: Finally after the vet looked at her, she said it was a abscess pocket growing behind her eye and spreading infection and needed surgery to drain the fluid behind her eye. My first thought "oh no I hope she doesn't die!" Second thought.."Darren is going to kill me when he see's this bill!"

But after loosing two teeth, getting her eye drained and a scary night alone at the vet she's finally home :)

Picture stage 5:

I'm just glad she's ok! I love my lil Sweetie.. Here is her and Petie on better days..

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