Friday, March 21, 2008

My hair?

Has anyone else noticed that my hair changes in every picture? This is not all entirely my fault! Regardless to what Darren thinks... My hair grows too dang fast! I can't keep it in one style for long.. but at last I have found the style for me and it's not going to change anytime soon. (or ever) So I hope everyone likes plain 'ol sholder length brown hair on me cause its here for good this time! No more blonde, purple or copper?... There were a few stages along the way that I'm not proud of.. but oh well its just hair right?

One day when I have more to blog about besides loving Darren and my hair this page will be more interesting :)


Joe&Steph said...

Hey Girl, I am so glad you have a blog now. I love facebook and everything but you get to see more of what is going on in peoples lives on here. Your blog is way cute!

jayna said...

Hi Julia! Welcome to the blog world- husbands and hair- that about covers it! That's the beauty of a blog- it doesn't have to be that exciting to be fun!