Monday, October 29, 2012

where did October go?

I woke up today and realized I haven't so much as looked at a blog this entire month of October!

Here's a recap on whats going on in our lives.. and whats to come...

Darren is now going through the electrical program at MATC and working as an apprentice. He has been working so hard, we hardly get to see each other anymore. But we're making sure we make time for our family. Darren had his 27th birthday in September. We went out to Wendover to the Clay walker concert to celebrate and had a blast!

Corbin. What to say about Corbin? He is so full of life and is living in a world of black and white. Most people have what I call a 'grey area' Corbin... not so much. It's either REALLY happy, REALLY sad. Being a sweetheart or being a bully... angel or.. well you get the point ;) He repays me every night with lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses for being a little stinker all day long. He is in preschool again (he's only 3 and yes he's going to preschool next year too) and he loves it! His teachers love him, he loves going and learns so much everyday. I know everyone thinks there own kids are the greatest thing at everything, but I really feel like Corbin's ADHD (un-diagnosed.. just me teasing..) makes him really smart cause he constantly needs to be doing and learning. As for Halloween this year, Corbin has decided to be Optimus Prime. I made his costume and he wants to wear it everyday.

Hayden. Oh Hayden. This baby makes me smile all day, he is still so happy and smiley! Darren comes home from work and Hayden sees him and just starts yelling and reaching for daddy. He is not a momma's boy or a daddy's boy, he's just happy to love anybody. Darren can really get him laughing, its so cute to watch them play. Hayden has 2 teeth now and is just a little over 6 months. He can't crawl yet, but he can pull himself around on his tummy or roll where he wants to go. I can't believe how big my baby is! But we sure love having him around.

Me. Well I've been making Kris Jenner look lazy! I have been working, taking care of my kids, baby sitting, making Halloween costumes, deep cleaning my house, planning for next summer, babysitting and trying to re-organize parts of my house. I am still working up at Sundance, but I'm doing more Supervising shifts than bar shifts lately. It's fun I really like it a lot up there. It is absolutely beautiful up there right now. I am so lucky to live and work in such a beautiful area.

What's next for the Robinsons? Well this winter I want to change my front room, give Corbin's room a make-over, update/fix some things in my kitchen, and get my SmallTownJulia stuff going again. Having my mom over all weekend was so nice, now I'm spoiled and want a nanny or maid so I can focus some attention elsewhere.. we'll see.

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