Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It started off as a great idea..

I had this great idea to carve out a real pumpkin and put Hayden inside it for a first Halloween photo. He is the perfect age to do it, not too small, not too big so I decided to go for it. He LOVES his pumpkin, he was on his tummy playing with it while I got ready for the shoot.

First shot, I was testing the light and making sure he'd fit. He was trying to eat the raw pumpkin though, so I decided to take him out, carve it down a little lower and put his outfit on him.
He was totally fine...

Then once I got everything set and his little outfit on he freaked out when I tried to put him back in! It was the weirdest thing.. he was fine one second and pissed the next.

So I tried to let him take a snack break then put him back in... still pissed.. so I got the shot.. just not with a happy baby. Oh well. It's still cute :)

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