Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hayden Kru Robinson

Hayden Kru Robinson
Born April 14th 3:43pm
7lbs 5oz 19in

It has taken forever for me to find the time to do this post... so it's not as fancy as I'd like but here is the run down. This is Darren and I waiting at the hospital Saturday morning.

I wish every woman and baby had a delivery like mine. Everything went perfect.. I mean perfect. Awesome doctor, awesome nurse, epidural worked, and BAM! baby born with no problems.

Hayden's first picture.. he cried as soon as he was born. And then pee'd on everyone.

Mommy holding Hayden Kru for the first time.. other than in my belly of course ;)

And finally our first family photo. Corbin was so wonderful, and he was so happy that his baby brother 'Batman' was finally here.


Sherry said...

Julia, I'm so happy for your family!!! Hayden is just ADORABLE!!! Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of that new baby! Can't wait to see him in May when we come down. Are you going to Grandma's house Sat? Hope you can.

New Adventures Await Us... said...

congrats! He is absolutely adorable! Hope you and baby are doing well!