Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots of newz

Well I feel like I've been so crappy at posting lately. Nothing really fun and exciting is going on in my life, and I'm trying NOT to complain about being pregnant.. but it's really hard this time! I'm only 10 weeks so far.. so hopefully things get better before they get worse.

Anyway.. I will post about my hike up Timpanogos with my family as soon as I find my memory card, and after that there's the Hogal Zoo.. But until then you get this.

I am finally feeling a little bit better, so I started sewing again. In between watching kids, needing a nap everyday and working I haven't had the energy until now. So in celebration I am doing another give away!

The beanie shown is some of the new styles I am making so follow my blog here or like me on FaceBook here by Sep 30th to be entered to win! I'll ship it anywhere in the US for free.

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Christy said...

I Love this adorable beanie! You must be feeling better - sewing is majorly ambitious! I hope baby takes it easy on you soon. That first 5 months is killer - and the last 2. Haha, its pretty rough the whole time lets be honest! Are you guys going to find out what you are having????