Monday, August 1, 2011

Idaho Camping Trip 2011

Ahh... vacation. What is better than taking naps in your underwear? We just spent 4 days and 3 nights in Idaho with our family for our annual Idaho Camping Trip and it was so much fun! .

We go up to Pine, ID and camp along a river. This is the best place to camp. There is the river to float and fish in, there are hot springs, 4 wheeler trails, and everything you can imagine for camping! It's so beautiful up there and the weather was perfect.

This was our camp site. Perfect. Lots of shade and sun with a fire pit and space to roam. We played horse shoes,washoes and hung out by the fire. 

It was so great seeing all of my moms family. Everyday we load up a truck and trailer and go up the road to be dropped off to float the river. On the second day we were unloading to get into the river and some people we knew where already in the river and they were laughing and going crazy over how many people kept coming down the hill to get into the river and float! There had to have been 20 of us! In the 20 min truck ride to float the river Corbin and Sawyer fell asleep in their life jackets and everything.. so Sawyer went back to camp but Corbin stayed asleep for about 45 mins and woke up with Darren floating the river! It was so funny he woke up, looked at Darren and said, "I'm on the RIVER!" He did great floating, he thought it was so fun and would point to the water every time there was a fish or a whale. (Note: we didn't see any fish or whales while floating... only Corbin could see them..)

This last picture was Corbin in the truck on the way home. He was so tan and dirty! He did so good in the truck on the way home. I was a little nervous because on the way there he kept crying saying he wanted to go home and get out of his seat. But he played in the back seat with his toys and had a blast.

This is was of the best vacations I've ever been on. For once we didn't have any catastrophes happen, no one got sick and no one got hurt.... Other than Corbin stubbing his toe. We had a great time and I hope I can  make it again next year!

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Christy said...

oh that boy. He kills me with his dimples! Even covered in dirt Id take him off your hands ANY day of the week!!!! ps - next year book an extra few days and come see us! How far is Boise from Pine? I will google it :)