Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Madden is here!

Justyn Madden Jeffs (Madden)
4/25/11 at 2:30pm
6lbs 19in.

This was around 1pm before Brittney delivered

Corbin and Sawyer hanging out in Brittney's hospital room

My first time holding him, he is so tiny and precious!

Brittney and Madden. She looks great as usual.

Their whole family. Brylee was a little leary at first, but she warmed right up.

Corbin was so cute, he loves the baby and kept wanting to hold him. 

Well those are the pics here is the quick story... I had the privilege of babysitting Corbin, Brylee and Sawyer in the hospital while my mom was in the delivery room. My mom and I arrived at the hospital with the kids in tow around 11:30am and hung out with Britt until it was time for her to deliver. I left the hospital room around 2:10pm and by 2:20pm I heard the nurse get on the phone and tell the doc to run that she was one push away! Sure enough I see her doctor come sprinting down the hall to her room, apparently he had time to put his gloves on and catch the baby! He was ready to come in a hurry! Brittney and the baby both did great. A little while after he was born I got to go in and see her and him. Brittney informed me that the baby (who didn't have a name yet) had a knot tied in the cord and was her miracle baby. If the knot had been pulled tight it could have caused her to miscarry or later in the pregnancy caused an emergency C-Section.

We're glad he is here and they are both safe!


Dani said...

He's perfect! & adorable!

Amy said...

He is SO little! Congrats auntie!

jayna said...

Congrats to Brit & family!! He's another adorable addition, and a miracle for Easter weekend!