Saturday, June 12, 2010

Art City Days 2010

We went to the Art City Day's Carnival on Wednesday June 9th, and had a blast! We met Chris, Jordyn, My mom, Bob, Britt, Dallas, Brlyee and Sawyer there. All the kids rode the 4X4 ride in the red truck, but half way through the ride Corbin decided to stand up. They stopped the ride and kicked Corbin off! Ha ha we were all laughing and joking about him being kicked off something for the first time :)

This is Corbin and Sarah our friends little girl, they hang out together all the time so when we saw them there we put them on a ride together. They both loved this ride!


Amy said...

I swear you have the cutest little boy ever :).

Danielle Richardson said...

oh my heck. he is so dang cute :) i want one! hehe