Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm changing today.

Ok first off, my blog is no longer private. I just decided that I'm not going to post anything on here that would jeopardize my family or my privacy, so go ahead world feast your eyes on the almost normal lives of the Robinson's. And I am going to start posting a lot more. I think it is almost therapeutic to get on here and tell it like it is. So as my first post (non private) I would like to add some photo's and fond moments in my life lately.
Today is Saturday.. and for the past many Saturday's we have wished we had nothing to do so we could relax! We have had something everyday Saturday for.. well as long as we've been married it feels like.. but this Saturday we finally didn't have a scheduled day. Which was odd almost.. Darren had plans to go fishing but they didn't turn out as long as he wanted, and I was going to help my friend move, but with a baby and no baby sitter that didn't work out. So around ten thirty this morning we found ourselves sitting in our living room wishing we had something to do. We thought oh there are so many good movies out let's go see one! But after a second attempt and not finding a babysitter... (which is rare even for short notice, have you seen how cute my kid is?) We decided that was out. But we ended up meeting up with our friends Bill and Rachel. We decided to go to a park and let the dogs run around and watch the kiddo's play. It was the first warm day we have had in weeks, no months! It was only 41 degrees so we had to bundle up but it was worth it. The clear sky's and warm sun were much welcomed with my open arms and needed pale skin. It was one of those I want to do this every Saturday kind of moments. Corbin has his first adventures with the slide both sitting up, head first and belly first and loved every moment of it. He also got to ride home out of his car seat. I know I know.. hold on it's only due to our error any well.. laziness. We went to a park about 4 blocks from our house, and Darren decided to go back and get the dogs. So I stayed at the park with everyone, but when he came back he drove his truck.. and well the car seat was in my Tahoe.. so needless to say we're 'bad parents'. But the max speed we reached was 20mph and we did make it home safe. Note to self we need to remember this in the future when we switch vehicles.

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