Monday, August 17, 2009

Temple Square 8/15/09

8/15/09- Lisa, Miriam, Grama Nacele, Corbin and I all went to Temple Square to walk around for an afternoon, that turned into all day. But we had so much fun, our favorite part was relaxing on the grass taking pictures of the kiddo's. They are so cute together, but you'd never know they are only 6 days apart! Corbin is so much bigger than Miriam, but it's OK by me cause it's cute that the boy is bigger than the girl. We took a tour, ate a wonderful lunch at the Lion House Pantry, layed on the grass, then watched the Josheph Smith movie before calling it a day. It was the perfect day to go, not too hot and not too cold. It was funny after the movie some sister missionaries stopped to see the babies and they asked if we were related or friends.. all three of us looked at each other probably thinking 'who's going to explain this' when I blurted out 'just family'. No need to explain the fact that the babies aren't cousins they are aunt and nephew. Other than the $15 parking ticket.. oops.. it was a great day! We stopped by Dar and Brad's house on the way home, I wish I would've snapped some photo's but I forgot. Those boys are getting so big I can't believe it. You can tell by the pics it was a great day.

8/14/09- This is the cuttest little outfit and size 12 month! I can't beleive Corbin fits in it, but I'm glad cause now I can put him in all these cute outfits I've been looking at for months! I had Corbin with me for half a day at work so I snapped a photo of us in my office. I love doing his hair like that now, I can't wait till he gets more hair.

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