Monday, July 6, 2009

Backyard fun

We had Anastasia, Kevin and Brightly over to hang out by the fire in our back yard. We talked, roasted marshmallows and had our make shift version of s'mores with chocolate frosting. For some reason Roscoe is in love with Anastasia and kept following her around and trying to lick her any chance he'd get! It could be because she was making s'mores but even when she didn't have food he'd sit right by her legs. Roscoe and Bailey love it when we're outside around the fire pit or BBQ'ing, it's sadly the most attention they've gotten lately since Corbin came into the picture. This is also when Darren took down the birds nest that was on our porch overhang. Anastasia and I begged him not to take it down, but after making sure there was no eggs in it he tore it down. Darren didn't like it there cause when he would go on the porch to BBQ the birds would swoop around him trying to scare him off.. and they kinda did. So bye bye beautiful birds nest, I hope they find another home somewhere safe.

That night I couldn't resist taking this picture of Corbin. He must have missed his mommy this day cause every time I set him down he would make this face and start crying! But it's so cute even when he's mad. Doesn't this just scream "please pick me up!"

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