Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Volleyball and Dinner

We all went to eat at Ambers and took Corbin's Bumbo, he does so good sitting in it while we eat dinner and hang out.
It was raining on the way in, so Darren carried him in his coat. How adorable is that? My two boys sharing a jacket. Darren is such a good dad I know him and Corbin are going to have such a special bond together.

One Sunday we decided to go play Volleyball with Steph and her family outside her parents house. Well we didn't have a volleyball so we played with a deflated soccer ball and it killed our arms! But we still had a great time. None of the girls were very good, but that was OK cause every time we scored it was worth two points instead of one. I grew up with these guys all living up the street from me, and it's crazy to see how grown up everyone is now!

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