Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miriam's Blessing

Well Miriam was blessed in St. George 6/7/09, so Darren, Corbin and I packed up and headed south to be there. It was nice and sunny and fun to have so much family around! Lisa, Miriam, Grama Nacele, Corbin, Sweetie and myself all went for a walk Saturday morning while the guys went out the Enterprise. We ended up at a few yard sales and soaked up some rays walking around the neighborhood. I loved hanging out on the hammock with Corbin and Darren their back yard is so nice to relax and lounge around. A funny side note Chris was jumping on the tramp and fell through a hole to the bottom! It's a ground level tramp so it wasn't far to hit the dirt.. just funny! I love the pictures of Corbin and Miriam I still can't believe they're only 6 days apart. Corbin is so much bigger than she is! But that is cute and the way it should be, the boy bigger than the girl I think. Steph came over and hung out with us too, she's so much fun to have around it makes me feel young again like we're in Jr. High. We've all been friends for years and I hope it stays that way. She might be moving back up to Utah county, and if she does we'll get to see each other more than my visits to St. George. I think this is the most pictures of Chris he has ever let anyone take of him, but I love the one of him and Jordyn she is such a doll. And he is such a good dad to her, I love seeing him interact and take care of her, he really has a tender side even if he doesn't like to admit it.

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