Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

Darren's first Father's Day started out right taking a nap with his boy. I couldn't sleep for some reason so I thought I'd sneak this shot of them. It was so cute I couldn't resist. All week I kept asking Darren what he wanted for Father's day he said nothing, then I asked him what he wanted to do for Father's day and he said nothing. So that is what we did. Nothing. It was great, even though I didn't shower and get ready for the day it was so nice to hang out and do nothing. Darren is always wanting me to chill out and sit down cause I'm such a busy bee all the time, so he finally got his wish. We hung out in the living room playing and talking with Corbin, napping and even a little Xbox playing. We didn't even cook, we eventually made it to IHOP around noon for our brunch.. then snacked the rest of the day at home. We're so lucky to have a home and each others company, and that's all we needed for a perfect day.
Darren is such a great dad to Corbin, he can always make him laugh the loudest and bring a big grin to his face at any moment. I know they're going to have a special bond together and get along great. Corbin already has so much personality and a lot of it is like his daddy's. I'm greatful to have a husband that will help me out with diapers, baths and all the other fun baby stuff that takes up so much of my time everyday.
We love you Dad Happy Father's Day!

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glory said...

You guys are so cute! I'm happy you have such a great little family :)