Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a dream..

Some nights I really enjoy these random pregnancy dreams, and others are down right disturbing! I never know when I'm going to have a nightmare, good dream, or weird dream, but last night was weirder than weird. In my dream last night I was only 6 months pregnant (I'm currently just past 5) but I look like I'm about to pop. Everyone keeps telling me how big I look and asking me if I'm due any day now. I just keep brushing it off saying things like, 'he's going to be a healthy boy' and 'I couldn't be happier they look too fragile when they're tiny'. Then out of no where I run into one of my old drill team coaches from high school. I'd heard she was pregnant too just a few weeks further than I am, but when I looked at her stomach it was almost flat! She told me everything with the baby is healthy she just isn't showing a ton. I felt like a cow standing next to her. Then she asked me if I could feel the baby move and instantly the baby started moving all over the place like he was showing off, she put her hand to my "huge" stomach to feel, and not only could she feel him moving, but you could actually make out what she was feeling. You could see a foot imprint, then a little hand waving, it was like my skin suddenly turned into a nylon! My little boy started doing flips and laughing it was so weird! He was totally showing off little tricks and doing cute things like sucking his thumb and waving. Then I woke up...

This got me thinking.. I wonder if this is going to be my child's personality- outgoing, strong, big, and show off-ish.. maybe a little like his father who seems to be good at everything. :)

Week 22 and things are great! I can feel this little guy every couple hours now. He's seems to be active whenever I am, and sleep when I do. Hopefully this is a good sign and he'll be in sync with me when he's born I rather enjoy a good nights sleep. I can really enjoy food, and I haven't had heartburn for over a week. Lately I've been craving cucumbers in salads and Zero candy bars! If you don't know what they are look at the pic. I have only found 2 places in all of Utah and parts of Idaho that sells them! So needless to say I've had to stock up. And let me tell you when you buy 8 candy bars at a hardware store the cashier gives you a funny look. Especially when you can tell they have never seen that candy before and they didn't even know they sold it. I usually just mumble something about being pregnant and having cravings so they don't think I've lost it, and to justify it for myself. Darren has yet to try one, but I'm sure I'll get him to eventually.

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