Monday, October 6, 2008

A visit to Burley, Idaho & my ultra sound

Friday October 3 was the begining of Grama's weekend but unfortunealty Darren and I could only make it to Friday nights events. We got to see Grama's newly remodeled home, visit with them, Curtis, met Callie for the first time, and even got to see Tyson, Sherry, Dan, Jayna and see Lila for the first time. It was fun seeing everyone and letting them meet Darren some for the first time. Then Saturday morning we met Jon and Lisa at the local Ihop for breakfest before we headed out to Burley with Darren's parents and Brooks. Did I mention Ihop has their delicious pumpkin pancakes? They were amazing. Go try them. Now. Anyway after that we were off arriving in Burley around 1pm to Don's Dads house.

Here are some pictures of Grampa 92 years old.

We also went to Don's brothers house- just a few miles away- to visit with his family. It was a nice Saturday and Sunday. We watched some football and some conference Sunday then headed home around 5pm. His family reminds me of my Idaho family a lot. Maybe its just a 'small town Idaho feel' I get when I'm there. But other then the flies everywhere I like small towns.

Up next for me Monday morning I had my 21 week appointment and ultra sound! Talk about exciting! When he began the ultra sound he was sleeping head down looking very comfortable. Dr. Lamereaux took all the measurements, checked his brain, heart, spine, sex, and even counted all his fingers and toes talking me through everything as he did it. He was very nice taking his time and giving me lots of positive feed back about how healthy and big he is! Everything is 100% normal and going great for this little guy. I've only gained 6 lbs so far, below average and ok with me cause its all baby. Then once he started taking the pictures to print he woke up and starting moving around everywhere and didn't want to give us a very good profile shot, so these are some of the pictures he took. He also recorded a VHS for me, I'll have clips up of that later.

Proof again that he's a boy!

This is the profile shot. I got to see it much better, he is so cute, little button nose and big cheeks.

This is his long leg. No wonder everyone thinks I'm having twins! Its all baby.

His foot- I can't get over how cute this is!

He was waving when he snapped this picture.

It looks like he's sucking his thumb here.

This is the best stage of pregnancy, I'm loving every minute of it. Even the back aches and getting up to go the bathroom all night. I catch a glimps of my tummy in the mirror on the way, and laugh to myself how obsessed I am already.


Crandall Family said...

It was so great to see you guys at Mom's house :) if only for a little while. We had so much fun with everyone there. I Luv the ultrasound pictures. They are adorable!

jayna said...

It was nice to finally meet your sweet husband! You guys are so cute. LOVE all the ultrasound pics!

Gina & Nate said...

ooooh I am so excited I decided I am an adopted aunt!!!

The Crew said...

How exciting! You are looking AWESOME by the way!!!!!