Thursday, September 4, 2008

A random weekend

Well last weekend 8/29-8/31 Chris, Brittia, Jordyn & Tyson were all up from St. George so I had a little bit of time on Saturday to see them and hold little Jordyn. She is such a cute baby! She is very vocal laughing and 'baby' talking out loud and is so sweet. Her blessing is going to be 9/7/08 in St. George and Darren and I are lucky enough to be able to attend it this weekend. I'm sure I'll have some more family pics then.

Later on Saturday Steph and I planned a dinner for Brandi our friend from Jr. High that just got married and didn't get a batchlorette part. So we had a post party at Ruby River. Brittney, Brylee and I went and met Steph, Brandi, and a few of her other friends there. Then after that we stopped by my moms so Steph could hold Sawyer, then Brand and I went and saw 'Momma Mia'-the sing along. Umm.. lets just say I like musicals, but its just not my favorite. Especially when old ladies are singing opera all around me threw the whole movie. But it was fun to see old friends and have a girls night.

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Fivesome said...

I love hangin with fam! Jordyn is so pretty. Your baby boy is going to be beautiful cause all your siblings have made BEAUTIFUL babies! Brylee, Sawyer & Jordyn all so stinkin cute :)